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Vbiz Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant | Vbiz Solutions Rajkot Gujarat India

Vbiz provides high level customized Virtual Assistant Service. This service increases one's business productivity. Apart from accomplishing the administrative tasks, we provide creativity and technical services remotely. There are no language barriers and we are 24* 7 service provider based on our client's requirements.

We offer our esteemed clients with an individual Virtual Assistant i.e. one, for all their departments and even provide different Individual Virtual Assistants for their different departments in accordance of our client's requirements. They are the experts in performing multiple tasks at a time.

Vbiz Virtual Assistants are a valuable channel between the Owner and its Client. The Virtual Assistants are very proficient in their communicational skills and are highly accurate in their work. They maintain the confidentiality of our client's valuable data.

There are different tasks performed by Vbiz Virtual Assistant which are segregated on the basis of two main aspects or criteria.

Who is Virtual Assistant ?

Virtual Assistants are entities, who are the professional and focuses on one's all the administrative tasks that are of an executive assistant or a secretary, to manage the increasing official's errands. Their expertise runs the gamut without any compromise on the precious time required for one's business from a remote area.

Key Benefits Of Virtual Assistant

It helps one to enjoy the business
Virtual Assistant understands the value of time. They are the helping hands and are client focused to run the one's business smoothly.

It is cost effective solution to one's staffing needs
No employer - employee association required. There are no hidden costs to be paid. Their candor provides the comfort level to the client in accordance with the client's requirements.

It helps one to stay focused
They wipe all the worries and help one to stay focused on the main core business instead of performing non-core activities. They increase one's productivity.

It helps one to make one's business better
They perform multiple tasks and are more dedicated & efficient to their quality work. Their services are available 24*7 round the clock.


Features of Virtual Assistant

Basic & Advance features of Virtual Assistant

Basic Features of Virtual Assistant

  • Basic featured virtual assistant provides gamut virtual services with efficiency and act as a backbone to support one's core activities.
  • Vbiz offers our clients with all the services that would reduce their tedious and time consuming routine tasks. Hence, saves time and money.
  • At Vbiz, we offer services like Quick Response to Mails, SMS, Inquiries, etc. and handle client's complaints and feedbacks.
  • Apart from this, basic services like Surveys, Research, Competitive Analysis, Invitations, Reminders, after occasion services like Thanks Giving, Occasional Celebration Wishing, Lead Generation, etc. are provided.

Thus, it helps one to budget the time as all the tedious administrative tasks are accomplished by our expertise Virtual Assistants.

Advance Features of Virtual Assistant

  • Advanced Virtual Assistants are highly Technical savvy. Provides technical support, e.g., FAQs, online chat, etc.
  • Apart from the tasks performed by the Basic featured Virtual Assistant, we have Advanced Featured Virtual Assistant.
  • At Vbiz, the advanced featured Virtual Assistants are the filtered data provider. They provide the filtered data according to its relevance.
  • Through advanced Feature, our Virtual Assistants perform stress free methodological working patterns. They increase the comfort level of our prestigious clients.
  • An Advanced Featured Virtual Assistant offer service to keep our client's associated through social networking, e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  • Formulates the Business documents like Proposals, Quotations, Appointment Letters, Business Correspondence, Reports, etc.
  • Provides the service of preparation of one's company's presentation i.e. PowerPoint Presentation.

Hence, our services range from General administrative work to E-commerce support. It includes all the services like Real Estate support, Internet Research, Data entry, Word Processing, etc.

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